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‘avenue of love’

‘drifting away ~ RAIN’

Drifting away ~ RAIN

‘I was made for lovin’ you babe’ by Kiss - remix

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Peak Sounds, Inc. - Norbert Kreuzer, Executive Producer - RECORDING STUDIO -

aquamotion - music

1. “avenue of love” (4:25)

2. “drifting away ~ RAIN” (3:54)

3. “I was made for lovin’ you babe” by Kiss - remix (4:56)


production & music by:  

Norbert Kreuzer,

Many Bachinger,

voice & lyrics: Stefanie Voigt


Norbert Kreuzer,

Many Bachinger,

Stefanie Voigt, aquamotion film & tv production

    these songs are protected by copyright and all rights remain with the individual authors. For more information about usage please contact: thank you

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