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Stefanie Voigt talent resumeProduction & DEMO Reelsscuba certifications |

2 0 0 6

    Animal Planet, Painless Productions, CA – ‘Cow nose Ray Shoot’ – DOP under water

    Univision, Music Awards, Miami, Fl. - stunt diver for opening show

    ‘BASLER’, Christie Brinkley Fashion Photo shoot, Laspata De Caprio, Making Of video, 2nd DOP, camera assistant

    ‘MALIZZA’, La Perla, fashion photo shoot, Making Of video – DOP

    36Mafia (Oscar 2006), Music Video – Making Of video for MTV, DOP

    ‘Underwater Video Basics’, 24fps Productions, Inc. & Steve Miller; talent and 2nd DOP under water & topside, PA

    ‘REEF’, NOAA commercial, www.Reef.org – Coral Reef Protection commercial – Producer, DOP underwater

    ‘SELF’, short film for Miami Incubator, actress: psychiatrist, underwater DOP

    ‘SAM’ - Florida Manatees’, Pro7 TV, host

    Calendar Shoot, Pipin Productions/The Deep Quest, 2nd Camera

    Int. Bellydance Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, DOP

    Valbihcom ‘Executive Film Award Events’; director, producer, coordinator

    Webdesign: Pipin Productions www.TheDeepQuest.com


2 0 0 5

    MTV VMAs 2005” - Artist: ‘Mariah Carey’ - Song: “We belong together"              Music Video Live performance for MTV VMAs: 08/28/2005                                  client: MTV www.MTV.com                                                           artist: Mariah Carey http://www.mariahcarey.com                                     view performance at MTV Overdrive: www.mtv/overdrive.com                       location: National Hotel/Miami/Florida
    assignment: Underwater DOP/live feed

    JIMENA” - Album: ‘En Soledad’ - Song: “Te Esperaré" (which Gloria Estefan co-wrote)  Music Video Production: 06/07/2005                                               client: Emilio Estefan www.ESTEFAN.com / Crescent Moon Studios - www.CrescentMoon.com artist: JIMENA http://musicgroup.univision.com                                   location: Miami/Florida
    assignment: Underwater DOP

    “AZUL” - Spanish Soap Opera/Pilot (04/2005)
    client: Atlantica Production -
    www.ATLANTICA-Production.com                       location: Miami/Florida
    assignment: Underwater DOP

    “TETU” - Photo Production Still Shoot/Magazine"
    client: TETU, France/Lucky Productions, Miami
    assignment: Location/Production Coordinator, camera & production ‘making-off video’    location: Miami/Fl.                                                                   

    www.aqualocations.com ” - Location Video Production
    client: various
    assignment: Location/Production Coordinator, camera & production                     location: Miami/Fl.

    web & graphic design: www.ADGmusic.com                                                                       www.ONEonONEentertainment.com

2 0 0 4

    “LARC LX 60” - Amphibious Landing Craft ‘making off’ (12/2004)
    client: Miami Launch & Barge -
    www.miamilaunch.com - Mark A. Safranek                  location: Gulfport/Mississippi
    assignment: DOP, director

    "MAN Motors, commercial" 35 mm (
    click here to view commercial)
    client: VIVA Film, Germany/
    www.VIVAfilm.de - director: Andreas Grassl (Nov./2004)
    assignment: Production Coordinator Cruise Ship sequence                                location: Miami/Fl., Bahamas/Nassau

    web & graphic design: www.miamilaunch.com                                                                       Katherine’s Spa


2 0 0 3

    “On A Single Breath” - Tanya Streeter - The Extreme Sport of Free Diving" (12/2003)
    producer: ASL Productions and 24 fps Productions (airing: VOOM (May 2004)           
    www.airsealand.com and www.24fpsproductions.com
    location: Miami/Florida Keys
    assignment: PA

    "PIPIN Productions" www.freediving.net , www.iafdusa.com
    assignment: Marketing, Production Coordinator, Camera, graphic design                  location: Miami/Fl., Bahamas/Nassau

2 0 0 2

    being updated

2 0 0 1

    “Pacific Times Insurance"/Commercial (release: March 2001)
    underwater camera: Pete Romano - location: Miami/Florida
    assignment: underwater-camera for casting, security-diver for freediving children  during shoot

    "Production of 50 hours underwater-footage for series-production/German TV"
    Documentary footage ‘Sleepwalker’ SUN TV (release: approx. end 2001)
    underwater camera: Stefanie Voigt - location: Egypt/Sinai, Bahamas/Nassau, Thailand/Phuket, Micronesia/Palau/Yap, Miami & Crystal River /Florida
    assignment: camera and executive production

2 0 0 0

    "Charlie’s Angels"/Columbia Tristar
    (Movie release: Nov. 2000)
    underwater camera: Pete Romano - location: Nassau/Bahamas
    assignment: stunt underwater-shark-dive/acting: "Charlie’s diving friend"
                                                                                   assistant Camera for “Telemundo” - Spanish TV Commercial
    Commercial against drunk driving, Miami/USA
    assignments: assistant camera

    Ewa-Marine Underwater Housing Promotion Video
    aquamotion in©, Miami/USA

    Coordinator/SKY for ICE Production
    ICE Production, Miami/USA
    assignments: company development, coordination

    Assi & Camera & Photographer/Superflo/American Le Mans 12 hour Race/AUDI R8 Sebring, Florida/US: 18. March 2000

    aquamotion in© Miami/USA
    aquamotion in© Graphic & Web Design Miami/USA
    clients: Unique International, Mad Love, Respect etc.

1 9 9 9

    aquamotion in©
    company relocation to Miami/Florida/USA

    camera woman for “Fernweh” - BR TV (Bayerisches Fernsehen)
    Travel-magazine series for BR TV, Munich/DE
    assignments for travel-magazine incl.:
    1st camera, executive producer
    1. Eluthera/Bahamas: 1st broadcast: 25. April 1999
    2. Lee Island/Florida: 1st broadcast: Sept. 1999

1 9 9 8

    aquamotion in©
    development, concept etc. for:
    producer: aquamotion in©;
    12 x30’ documentary production with Jean-Michel Cousteau

    Author (technical book)
    Script & Development for technical book

    Film school Essen - Summer-Seminar 1998
    Camerawork & Equipment
    1. Video I(Betacam SP, Digital Betacam)
    2. VIDEO II(Betacam SP, Digital Betacam)
    3. Film I(16mm, Super 16, 35mm)
    4. FILM II(16mm, Super 16, 35mm)

1 9 9 7

    Documentary-Production: “Blaue Paradise” Florida & Belize
    2 x 45 Min. TV-Documentaries for VOX TV/Germany
    first run: 06th & 13th Dec. 1997;
    assignment for series: protagonist on-camera, team-leader, underwater-specialist, underwater-camera, underwater-lighting, stunts etc.

    “Blue Velvet in Sinai”
    (Documentary-Production about Dolphins & Beduins in Sinai, Red Sea, Egypt)
    5 x 50 Min. TV-Documentary; Producer: Wild Orange Production London;             assignment for documentary: 1st underwater-camera; First Run: Sept. 1999,            VOYAGE (Satellite), France

    “Augenklicke 1997 Still-Photo-Contest Germany”                                       5th place

    aquamotion film & TV Production
    concepts, research, development, production etc.

1 9 9 6

    aquamotion film & TV Production
    concepts, research, development, production etc.

    Documentary-Production: Blaue Paradise Galapagos I & II
    2 x 45 Min. TV-Pilot for VOX TV/Germany
    first run: 08th & 15th Nov. 1997;
    assignment for series: protagonist on-camera, team-leader, underwater-specialist, underwater-camera, underwater-lighting, stunts etc.

    “PRO 7 TV” 1st underwater-camera for TV-sketch

1 9 9 5

    UW-Camera & Lighting for “Adventures Production” Hamburg/Germany; Shooting: Bahamas
    subjects: “Shark Feeding”; “Silky; Sharks: Tonic Immobility”;                    “Nitrox & Rebreather diving with Rob Palmer”
    assignments: underwater-lighting, underwater camera, on-camera etc.

    Into the Deep, Shaded Blue and Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney
    production of english versions, music composition etc. for international broadcast

1 9 9 4

    Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney (24 min.)                                         Production of TV-documentary (Pilot) and Production of TV-documentary
    1st run: 26th June 1994 - DSF (German Sports Channel)                        assignments: producer, executive producer, camera underwater, on-camera, director, executive director of post-production, narration etc.                Palau/Micronesia/Caroline Islands/Pacific Ocean

    Post-production of Underwater-film Red Sea/Egypt
    producer, executive producer, underwater-camera;

    aquamotion film & TV Production
    foundation of TV-Production Company; Munich/DE

    Scubapro Promotional Video
    1st camera underwater; Fernstein See/Austria

    Head of Sales & Acquisitions; Licensing TV-Rights
    ACC The Entertainment Council GmbH Munich '95; Munich/DE

    aquamotion film & TV Production General Manager; Munich/DE
    Production of TV-Special/documentary
    "INTO THE DEEP" (07:45 min.)
    1st run 04th Sept. '95: PRO 7 Television, Germany
    "SHADED BLUE" (50 min.)
    1st run 10th Oct. '95: DSF Television, Germany
    subject: „World-Championship of Freediving“ in Syracuse, Sicily/Italy
    aquamotion Production, Executive Producer, underwater-camera, director, post-prod etc.

1 9 9 3

    Production of underwater spots & commercials
    Freelance assistant of production for "Maximum"
    Antenne Réunion TV, Réunion Island/French Dep./Indian Ocean
    assignments: camera underwater, on-camera & stand-in, voice-overs & translations(eng./french), news-editing, photography, interview

    Manager of dive-store
    Blue Water Divers, Mauritius, Indian Ocean

    Producer for PRO 7 Television GmbH Game-Show: Strassenflirt
    20 Game-Shows;
    assignments: executive producer, director, executive director of post-production, director of editing, camera underwater, organization, casting, research etc.

1 9 9 2

    Studies of marine biology/3rd semester
    Palm Beach Community College/Florida/USA

    PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor)
    instructing scuba diving courses in French
    Réunion Island/ French Dep./Indian Ocean

    Assistant of Management & Production Rimell Agency
    Réunion Island/French Dep./Indian Ocean

1 9 9 1

    Studies of marine-biology - 1st semester
    Palm Beach Community College/Florida, USA

    Seminar at Dolphin Research Center (DRC)
    credited seminar at DRC Marathon Keys/Florida/USA

    2nd International Underwater Photosub 1991
    UW-Model & Photographer; Baros/Maldives/Indian Ocean

    Studies of marine-biology - 2nd semester
    Palm Beach Community College/Florida/USA

    1st International Underwater Photo & Video Festival Tenerife Las Galletas/Tenerife/Spain
    competitor for Germany: video

    Single Engine Aircraft
    training for single engine aircraft. pilot (incl. night, navigation, cross-country, helicopter etc.)

1 9 9 0

    PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor IDC/IE
    IDC: Nassau/Bahamas; IE: Cannes/France

    1st International Underwater Photosub 1990
    UW-Model; Treasure Island/Cuba

    PADI OWSI instructing scuba diving courses; Munich/DE

1 9 8 9

    Tele 5 Television, Munich
    assistant of production/practical experience; organization & casting & organization  for Music Video: Udo Lindenberg, "Die Klavierspielerin“

    Studies of American History & Politics
    Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich/DE

    Sales Manager
    OCEAN STAR CLUB Touristic GmbH, Munich/DE

    Final High-School Exam



Scuba Certifications:

2000 Underwater Archeology, Certification by Prof. Mike Beach

1996 Technical Diver: NITROX Diver Enriched Air #5849, “L.P. Albatross”, Galapagos

1995 Technical Diver: NITROX Diver Enriched Air #3510, Rob Palmer/Nassau/Bahamas

1995 Technical Diver: Dräger/Uwatec Atlantis I Rebreather #13, Rob Palmer/Nassau/Bahamas

1992 FFESSM (Licence Competition) Nr. 63228

1990 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor OWSI 900987

1989 PADI Dive Master

1989 PADI Rescue Diver

1989 PADI Medic First Aid

1989 PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

1988 PADI Open Water Diver

1985 CMAS/VDST 1* Certificate  1st Level VDST #2574

1982 Initial Diving Certificate (CMAS)

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