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Stefanie Voigt ~ president and CEO ~ aquamotion film & tv production

aquamotion, Stefanie Voigt is a professional documentary producer, camera woman underwater and on land as well as on-camera host since more than 15 years. Being under a strong 'aquatic influence' all her life, Stefanie specializes in almost every aspect of underwater and marine related productions around the world.

“I have developed my passion into my mission.”

    Stefanie was one of the first women to enter into higher levels of the tuff men’s world of scuba diving. As PADI Scuba Instructor, underwater model, documentary producer, host and underwater camera, security and technical diver (Rebreather, Nitrox), UW-Archaeology, journalist and stunt- woman (Charlie's Angels), Stefanie has gained her multifaceted experience through a diversity of fields and projects.

    In order to be a good producer, director, camera operator or actor I believe

    one should gain insight of various stages”.

    Literally thrown into ‘cold water’, Stefanie produced her first 20 game-shows for Pro 7 Media AG in Germany. Shortly after, she was hired as head of Sales and Acquisition for TV Licensing and Rights for a Munich based media company (ACC The Entertainment Council). During this period Stefanie learned not only everything about media and production, but furthermore, how to market and sell her finished products. When the opportunity for her first entirely self produced documentary surfaced, Stefanie jumped into unknown waters again. As remote as the destination of this underwater documentary seemed, “Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney” was a great success on Tele5 Sports Channel, Swiss TV and others, and is still being broadcasted today.

    Following her passion, Stefanie gained further experience through working in various new fields in media: Commercials (ex: Edena Waters, Pacific Life, MAN), Film Seminars (16mm, Super 16mm & 35mm), CEO of her own company aquamotion, camera/DOP on land (BR TV, MTV, Pro 7), director and even actor.

    Stefanie produced an exclusive 50min. extreme Sports Documentary Event: “SHADED BLUE” (“-128 Meters, Freediving World Champion Pipin is the deepest man on earth”) for Pro7 TV and “NO Limits” (USA) which furthermore was submitted to several film festivals in France and Spain. This documentary Special was one of the first films ever to show and document the sport of freediving. “Shaded Blue” triggered and initiated a wave of productions and articles since then and helped to better introduce the diving industry to the “dry land people” of the world.

    With hosting an underwater adventure series “Blue Paradise” for VOX TV and shooting “Blue Velvet in Sinai” (England, France) as underwater DOP for this documentary series with a Bedouin and dolphin in Egypt, the list of experiences continues.

    After relocating her company aquamotion film & tv production to Miami in 1999, Stefanie had an even broader range of opportunities to encounter.

    Working with renowned underwater cinematographers like Pete Romano and underwater photographers like Stephen Frink and Barry Kulick, Stefanie covered life news stories in Washington DC (“Stealth Fighter Accident”) and assisted the HDTV production “On a Single Breath - The Extreme Sport of Freediving” with Tanya Streeter as host (produced by: ASL Productions and 24fps Productions). Stefanie also filmed several making-of productions with Christie Brinkley, MTV/360 Mafia, an underwater live feed during Mariah Carey MTV Music Awards and sequences for Discovery/Animal Planet. New projects are already in the air and under water.

    “I do my best to continue my path and follow my passion for the oceans.

    For me it is time to sea even more, and this I am confident, will last …



    aquamotion productions

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  • SHADED BLUE”  click
  • “Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney”  click
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  • “Blue Velvet in Sinai” 5x50min. documentary
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  • “Micronesia: Yap, Land of Stonemoney” partial footage  click
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  • “Blue Paradise” – partial footage
  • “Blue Velvet in Sinai” 5x50min. documentary, partial footage
  • stunts

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  • Adventure Productions for Pro 7 stunt with sharks
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  • Host/presenter/interview

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  • “Micronesia: Yap, land of Stonemoney”    click
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